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  • 7D Cinema

    The 7D cinema is an incredible experience that engages many senses. The cinemagoers experience smells; varying temperatures; a watery mist; a breeze; touches on the legs and back; vibrations in the seats, as well as changing positions; and an excellent sound system. All effects are achieved through advanced technology, guaranteeing powerful sensations.

    Address: Chrobrego 20, Ustronie Morskie, Telephone: 501 598 908
    From the hotel: 2 minute walk

  • Western Park

    A visit to the Western Park is a combination of pleasure with the opportunity to widen one’s knowledge. During their stay, visitors get involved with play and gain knowledge about Native American Indian tribes. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of Native American Indians, as well as to see original Indian apparel and tools for everyday use. The park’s organizers have prepared games, fun and cowboy dance classes for its guests.

    Address: Kolejowa 108, Ustronie Morskie, Telephone: 785 990 666
    From the hotel: 2 km

  • Golf Driving Range

    This is the ideal place for golfing aficionados, both those who play every day and those who would like to learn how to play. The golf course is a 9 hole Par 34. Equipment is available to rent on site. Individual lessons are conducted, as well as organized tournaments. The Golf Driving Range is located 10 km from the hotel. Transportation to the Golf Driving Range directly from the hotel can be arranged.

    Address: Rusowo 57, Rusowo, Telephone: 608 350 900
    From the hotel: 10 km

  • Paintball

    This is the ideal attraction for lovers of strong impressions and adrenaline. The paintball field is over 8000 m² with a variety of obstacles, suited to the scenario of the game. Each player receives professional equipment and military clothing.

    Address: Grąbnica 2, Ustronie Morskie, Telephone: 796 999 152
    From the hotel: 850 m

  • HELIOS Sports and Recreation Centre

    HELIOS Sports and Recreation Centre is the perfect place for entertainment, due to the numerous recreational opportunities provided. The centre features a waterpark, with an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, and an outdoor water slide; a bowling alley; a volleyball court; and beach volleyball.

    Address: Polna 3, Ustronie Morskie, Telephone: 94 35 15 095
    From the hotel: 1 km

  • GIBON Rope Park

    The rope park features 8 different routes, each varying in terms of the level of difficulty, the length of the route, and the number of obstacles it contains. The park covers an expanse of 1500 m, with 115 obstacles and two training routes.

    Address: Graniczna, Ustronie Morskie, Telephone: 608 400 727
    From the hotel: 700 m

  • Funfair

    The funfair, which is open during the summer, features a wealth of entertainment to choose from, such as: several carousels; roller coasters; a Ferris wheel; and many others.

    Address: Kolejowa, Ustronie Morskie
    From the hotel: 2.2 km

  • Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding is an excellent opportunity to commune with nature in its purest form. Visitors have the opportunity to take horseback riding lessons, ride independently, and take an expedition by the sea on horseback.

    Address: Północna 2A, Sianożęty, Telephone: 504 837 903
    From the hotel: 3 km

  • Quads

    Quad rental.

    Address: Wiejska 7, Ustronie Morskie, Telephone: 888 506 938
    From the hotel: 1.9 km

  • Parachute Jumping

    Jumping from a height of 4000 m in tandem (2-person parachute) is an incredible souvenir from one’s holiday, and may be the start of learning how to jump alone. Jumping in tandem provides the ability to jump with a qualified and experienced instructor, regardless of age and health predispositions. You can also record a commemorative video of your jump!

    Address: Bagicz, Telephone: 664 186 518
    From the hotel: 6 km

  • Hortulus Thematic Gardens

    The themed gardens were founded in 1992, and are still being developed. There are currently 28 thematic gardens available for viewing. More than 6 thousand species and varieties of plants are found within the gardens, which have a total area of over 4 hectares. A newly added attraction is the garden with a lookout tower and labyrinth.

    Address: Dobrzyca 76, 76-038 Dobrzyca, Telephone: 602 610 041
    From the hotel: 17.5 km

  • “Skansen Chleba” (Traditional bread bakery & restaurant)

    Address: Kołobrzeska 9, Ustronie Morskie, Telephone: 609 714 026
    From the hotel: 2.7 km

  • Lighthouse in Gąski

    The lighthouse in Gaski has a height of about 50 metres. A total of 190 stairs leads to its peak. From the top, visitors can see a spectacular view of Sarbinowo, Chłopy, Mielno and Unieście. The lighthouse keeper's house is adjacent to the lighthouse.

    Address: Gąski 41, 76-034 Sarbinowo, Telephone: 604 803 266
    From the hotel: 8 km

  • Lighthouse in Kołobrzeg

    The lighthouse is 26 metres high. It’s light can be seen from sea at a distance of 36 metres!

    From the hotel: 16 km

  • Oceanarium in Kołobrzeg

    Address: Aleja I Armii Wojska Polskiego 6c, 78-100 Kołobrzeg, Telephone: 509 190 298
    From the hotel: 15 km

  • Regional Culture Centre in Kołobrzeg

    Address: Solna 1,78-100 Kołobrzeg, Telephone: 94 352 49 49
    From the hotel: 16 km

  • Polish Military Museum in Kołobrzeg

    Address: Armii Krajowej 13, Kołobrzeg, Telephone: 94 352 52 53
    From the hotel: 15 km

  • Pier in Kołobrzeg

    Addresa: ul. Armii Krajowej 13, Kołobrzeg, Telephone: 94 352 52 53
    From the hotel: 16 km

  • Cathedral Basilica in Kołobrzeg

    Address: Mariacka 5, Kołobrzeg, Telephone: 94 352 61 50
    From the hotel: 15 km

  • Contemporary Art Gallery in Kołobrzeg

    Address: Armii Krajowej 12, Kołobrzeg
    From the hotel: 15 km

  • Fishing Boat Excursions

    Address: Stoczniowa, Kołobrzeg
    From the hotel: 17 km

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